MAKARI 24K GOLD Multi - Purpose DRY OIL.

MAKARI 24K GOLD Multi - Purpose DRY OIL.

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Category :  Multi – Purpose DRY OIL. Infused with Botanical Oil & Vitamins Illuminates, Nourishes & Give a satin Finish.


Skin Type :  Recommended for all skin type.


This concentrated gel contains the best available agents for optimal cosmetic effect:

. a melanin inhibiting  compound for uniform whitening of the skin,

. a proteinase inhibitor to fight elastin and collagen degradation and therefore prevent premature skin ageing,

. plant extracts, including the valuable FILATOV agent, to stimulate the growth of new epidermal cells.

The MAKARI Skin Lightening Serum is an all-round product for face and neck rejuvenation. Guaranteed hydroquinone free.


Directions :  Apply the Shimmering Dry Oil to your Face and Body to nourish and soften skin and add a satin finish. Apply to the Body to capture light on the neckline and legs, and to the hair to add shimmering highlights. Massage Huile Or Rose over your legs from the bottom to the top to capture the light and create a satiny glow, like a silk stocking. A small drop of shimmering dry oil infuses your face with radiance and light.


Size :  3.38 Fl.Oz


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