ELIKYA inc. is a new entity evolving in the sector of the distribution of "ethnic" cosmetic products and whose team has a long experience in customer service.

The products distributed by ELIKYA inc. are carefully selected by professionals who are committed to better meeting your expectations. We certify the authenticity of MAKARI de SUISSE products, a range at the cutting edge of excellence in research and development. Products manufactured in a country (SWITZERLAND) renowned for its rigor, its know-how and its demand for quality.

Our points of sale, as well as the whole team, ensure that your satisfaction is a given. For this, after-sales service is the cornerstone of our growth policy on Canadian soil.

MAKARI from SWITZERLAND, internationally renowned products that can be trusted in complete safety. A design as well as a production with the sole aim of satisfying your most intimate needs.

MAKARI de SUISSE products would improve your well-being and this by obtaining the desired results. Hydroquinone is not the right ingredient for you, and its use can be dangerous.

By spending a little more, you would get the results you want from non-carcinogenic, high-quality products for a healthy, glowing body. An after-sales service worthy of the highest standards in force in the cosmetics sector.

MAKARI de SUISSE, high-end products for women like you who want to take care of your body (beauty). Call us at 514-573-2986 to learn more about these products or visit us at www.makari.ca

Lightening products including Lightening Beauty Milk, Lightening Glycerin with Caviar Extracts, Facials, Lightening & Repairing Serum and Soaps. With UWS (Ultimate Whitening System), the new cosmetic approach to skin lightening.

Facial care products including Clarifying Peeling Cream, Peel-Off Mask, Antiseptic Lotion and Ultra Moisturizing Cream with shea butter and argan oil. You will get clear, fresh, blemish-free skin.

Against acne, a range of products specially designed for this purpose. It fights against the excessive production of sebum, with an antiseptic action, and also contains softening and lightening active ingredients.

A whole range of makeup products including compact powders, liquid foundations, eyeliner, mascaras, pencils, loose setting powder, lipsticks and cleansing milks.

The skin is a living organ that reacts to the internal and external environment. Get in the habit of watching her live, questioning her and listening to her attentively.

The nutrition and well-being of your skin follow the same basic rules as that of your diet. Like you, your skin needs a varied and balanced “food”.

Having beautiful skin requires regularity and application, because not all skin types are “naturally” beautiful.

Of course, you have to know the right gestures and follow a cleansing method appropriate to the originality of our skin, but you also have to comply with strict rigor so that this routine becomes a pleasant rendezvous, morning and evening.

The skin should be cleansed every morning and every evening, whether you are wearing makeup or not!